Guess who’s crush got a boyfriend? Yup…mine…so much for asking her out to homecoming..

grace-adrianna: listen, ik you may think i'm just lying but i promise; i will always be here if you need to talk. always. my kik is graceadrianna. please text me if you're having trouble. please.

Thank you darling, it’s just hard for me to open up to people personally, but I’ll keep that in mind ❤️

Anonymous: So I have hoco this Saturday and I really wannt to have my first kiss with my bf, but all we've done is hug and we've been together since august

just figured out that hoco is short for homecoming, oops.

Try dropping hints that you want to kiss him :3 just get really close and cuddly and affectionate and maybe he’ll realize that you want to kiss :)

To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty bad with the whole first kiss scenario because mine was rather awkward (my friends pressured me and my ex to kiss and it wasn’t really an enjoyable experience). But when I wanted kisses from a guy I was with for a night, I simply just started to to get a little cutesy and it kind of gave him a hint that I wanted to kiss.

I don’t know if this is helpful, so i’m sorry if it isn’t all that great! I’m not an expert at relationships sadly :P

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE getting messages from you cuties?

Well I love it, so if you ever have a question, need to vent, or want some advice, please come to me! I’d love to talk, listen, or help you :)